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HMG 5" Velcro Pad Air Sander HAT510K

RM 280.00
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HAT510K is high strength,durability, efficiency and easy to control. It can be used to polish wood, metal, walls, fiberglass and other surfaces. With different polishing pads, polishing discs, polishing sponge pads or polishing pads, it can be used in various fields of use, such as furniture polishes, car waxing polishes, etc. Meet most of normal polish requirements and conditions. 


  • Small size, light weight, fast speed and low noise.
  • High precision axis works stably under high speed, ensure high quality polish finish.
  • Made of high quality alloy material, durable and long service life
  • With installation wrench, easy maintenance and installation
  • 体积小、重量轻、速度快、噪音低。
  • 高精度轴在高速下工作稳定,确保高质量的抛光效果。
  • 采用优质合金材料制成,经久耐用,使用寿命长
  • 配有安装扳手,便于维护和安装


Free speed

1,1000 rpm

Sanding pad type

Velcro type

Sanding Pad size

127mm (5")

Air Pressure


Air Hose


Air inlet


Overall Length

14.0 cm

Avg. Air Consumption

9CFM, 255L/Min 


0.7 Kg


  • 1 x 5" Air sander
  • 1 x Air Nipple

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