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HMG 5/8" Chipping Punching Air Hammer Kit HAT150

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The HAT150 air hammer kit come with 3 tested various high-quality steel chisels to meet the general working environments and tasks. The air hammer is equipped with a spiral spring retainer for quick and easy replacement of the chisel. The HAT150 hammer can strike 4,500 strokes per minute at 90 PSI and has a stroke length of 41mm.

HAT150 气锤套件配有 3 个经过测试的各种优质钢凿,可满足一般工作环境和任务。气锤配有螺旋弹簧固定器,可快速轻松地更换凿子。 HAT150 锤可以在 90 PSI 下每分钟敲击 4,500 次,行程长度为 41 毫米。

  • light weight (3.5 pounds) helps improve user comfort, making it easier and faster to complete longer tasks
  • Can use to chipping, punching or cutting, the tools provided in the kit 
  • Includes a sturdy black blow-molded storage box and suitcase
  • Increase productivity with a strong and sturdy structure.
  • Warranty 3 Month, T&C Apply
  • 重量轻(3.5 磅)有助于提高用户舒适度,使完成更长的任务更容易、更快
  • 可用于削片、冲孔或切割,套件中提供的工具
  • 包括一个坚固的黑色吹塑储物盒和手提箱
  • 通过坚固的结构提高生产力。
  • 保修 3 个月,T&C 适用


Blow Per Minute

4500 BPM

Air Hose


Stroke Length

41mm (5/8")

Max Air Pressure

90 PSI

Air Consumption

5 CFM 

Overall Length

15 cm


1.02 Kg


  • 1 x Air Hammer
  • 3 x Chisel 
  • 1 x Spring retainer
  • 1 x inlet
  • 1 x mini oil 
  • 1 x Plastic Box

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