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HMG 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder Kit with Accessory HAT640

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HAT640 is a aluminum structure air die grinder kit for buffing, polishing and grinding. The plastic box contains a variety of different 6mm and 3mm handle grinding accessories. The tool comes standard with a 6 mm chuck, and an interchangeable 3 mm chuck is included in the kit.

HAT640 是一种铝结构空气模具研磨机套件,用于抛光、抛光和研磨。塑料盒内装有多种不同的6mm和3mm手柄打磨配件。该工具标配一个 6 毫米夹头,套件中包含一个可互换的 3 毫米夹头。

  • Small size, light weight, fast speed and low noise.
  • Safety throttle lever
  • The air consumption is small, the concentricity is high, and the operation is simple, fast and convenient.
  • It is suitable for trimming, cutting, polishing and finishing operations of various molds, hardware products, glass, stone materials, handicrafts, jewelry, circuit board manufacturing and other rough blanks.
  • Good quality and practical, perfect tool for polishing and polishing.
  • 体积小、重量轻、速度快、噪音低。
  • 安全油门杆
  • 耗气量小,同心度高,操作简单、快捷、方便。
  • 适用于各种模具、五金制品、玻璃、石材、工艺品、首饰、线路板制造等毛坯毛坯的修边、切割、抛光、精加工作业。
  • 质量好实用,是打磨抛光的完美工具。



6mm (1/4")

Wheel Size

2/3/4/6 mm

Free speed

25,000 rpm

Air Inlet (PT)

1/4 pt

Air Hose Dia


Inlet Size


Avg. Air Consumption

3CFM, 85L/Min 

Overall Length





  • 1 x Mini air die grinder
  • 5 x 6mm Mounted Grinding Stones
  • 5 x 3mm Mounted Grinding Stones
  • 2 x  Hand Wrenches
  • 1 x Nipple
  • 1 x 3mm (1/8") Collet
  • 1 x plastic case
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