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HMG 1/2" 720Nm Air Impact Wrench Kit HAT4520

RM 310.00
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HAT4520 is a heavy-duty impact wrench. Provides 720 Nm high torque, so you can rotate car tires, change lawn mower blades, or repair brakes easily.The product weight is 2.68kg. The body is made of aluminum and iron materials. Aluminum has good heat dissipation and light weight. The ergonomic handle is designed to maintain the operator's control, efficiency, and accuracy, and reduce fatigue and slippage during prolonged use, providing users with the best experience.

HAT4520 是一种重型冲击扳手。提供 720 Nm 的高扭矩,因此您可以轻松旋转汽车轮胎、更换割草机刀片或修理刹车。产品重量为 2.68 公斤。机身由铝和铁材料制成。铝的散热性好,重量轻。符合人体工程学的手柄旨在保持操作员的控制、效率和准确性,并减少长时间使用时的疲劳和打滑,为用户提供最佳体验。

  • Use the lever that can move back and forward, easy to operate.
  • It is suitable for all your car and workshop projects.
  • The service life and maintenance of the machine are very important.
  • Check the air pressure meter whether the pressure is 8kg, the safe working pressure is within the range of 6.3kg.
  • Recommend applying 5-10 drops of professional pneumatic tool oil before use every day, and use it after idling for 5 seconds to provide higher speed and higher torque,  storing it after idling for 5 seconds in order to obtain a better torque output next time.
  • Warranty 3 month, T&C apply
  • 使用可前后移动的杠杆,操作方便。
  • 它适用于您所有的汽车和车间项目。
  • 机器的使用寿命和保养非常重要。
  • 检查气压表压力是否为8kg,安全工作压力在6.3kg范围内。
  • 建议每天使用前滴5-10滴专业气动工具油,空转5秒后使用,以提供更高的速度和更大的扭矩,空转5秒后存放,以便下次获得更好的扭矩输出。
  • 保修 3 个月,T&C 适用


Max Torque

720Nm (529ft-lb)

Free speed

7,000 rpm

Square Drive

12.7mm (1/2")

Air Inlet (PT)

1/4 "

Overall Length

192mm (7.8Inch)

Capacity Bolt size


Working Pressure


Air Consumption



2.68 Kg


  • 1 x Air impact wrench
  • 8 x Socket set
  • 1 x Extension Bar
  • 1 x Mini Oiler
  • 1 x Air Nipple
  • 1 x plastic case
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