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FORCEARC 160W 5/10kg AC Portable Electrode Oven P05A

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FORCE ARC P05A portable oven using tubular heating element to drive off Moisture on electrode to get better Weld. Tubular heaters provide a great way of maintaining the ambient temperature in a variety of environments and are cleaner and more cost-effective than other alternatives. Tubular heaters provide a clean and efficient way of keeping the ambient temperature at just the right level. 

FORCE ARC P05A 便携式烤箱使用管状加热元件驱除电极上的水分以获得更好的焊接效果。管状加热器提供了一种在各种环境中保持环境温度的好方法,并且比其他替代品更清洁、更具成本效益。管状加热器提供了一种将环境温度保持在适当水平的清洁而有效的方法。

  • With its build in Tubular Heating Element it last longer and reliability than heating wire.
  • Portable Type Electrode Oven designed for Holding of welding electrode to keep it constantly warm
  • The unit uses Tubular heating Element for greater heating efficiency and reliability.
  • Provide constant heating temperature.
  • Beware of Electrode Coating with more than 20% Moisture, Welding release Hydrogen, Hydrogen promotes cracking.
  • Mild Steel interior Chamber coated with Heat Resistant paint for minimum heat loss.
  • 1 Month Warranty, T&C Apply. See Warranty Period 
  • 凭借其内置管状加热元件,它比加热丝使用寿命更长,可靠性更高。
  • 便携式焊条炉设计用于固定焊条以保持其持续温暖
  • 该装置使用管状加热元件,以提高加热效率和可靠性。
  • 提供恒定的加热温度。
  • 当心水分超过 20% 的电极涂层,焊接会释放氢气,氢气会促进开裂。
  • 低碳钢内腔涂有耐热涂料,可将热量损失降至最低。
  • 1 个月保修,T&C 适用。见保修期


Input voltageSingle phase 220-240V
Input Power160W
Body insulation25mm (Rock Wool)
Temperature range150°C (302°F)
Weight4 kg
Internal Dimensions7.6 x 7.6 x 50 cm
External Dimensions15 x 17.5 x 63 cm


  • 1 x FORCE ARC portable Oven 5 kg
  • 1 x User Manual
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