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6" x 9" Non Woven Hand Pad For Metal Polishing

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Flexible non woven hand pads are resistant to chemicals. Will not rust, splinter or shred like steel wool & provide a longer lasting surface than sandpaper. Designed to prevent snagging and tearing for greater durability


  • Cuts fast to remove coatings and corrosion in demanding cleaning and finishing applications
  • Flexible non-woven pad is an ideal substitute for steel wool
  • For heavy-duty cleaning and stripping from finishing to light polishing
  • Will not rust, tear or chip
  • Washable and reusable-can be cut or folded
  • Without chemicals
  • Pad size: 6" x 9"
  • Grit, very fine
  • 在苛刻的清洁和整理应用中快速切割以去除涂层和腐蚀
  • 柔性无纺布垫是钢丝绒的理想替代品
  • 用于从精加工到轻度抛光的重型清洁和剥离
  • 不会生锈、撕裂或碎裂
  • 可水洗、可重复使用——可剪裁或折叠
  • 不含化学品
  • 垫尺寸:6" x 9"
  • Grade,非常好



Aluminum Oxide Abrasive


Fine #80,Medium #320

Mineral Type

Aluminum Oxide

Overall Width

15.24cm /6"

Overall length

22.86cm /9"

Sanding Mathod



  • 1 X Non woven hand pad
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