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3" M10x1.5mm Twisted Coated Steel Wire Cup Brush

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Knotted Cup Brush can be used with right angle grinders and drill bits. It can be used for a range of surface treatment and cleaning tasks. The design of the knotted cup brush facilitates the removal of scale, rust and paint, as well as deburring and polishing applications. The knotted cup brush, depending on its structure, can be used for light or heavy industrial operations. They are particularly effective for removing dirt and debris from cracks and cracks.

Knotted Cup Brush 可與直角磨床和鑽頭一起使用。它可用於一系列表面處理和清潔任務。打結杯刷的設計有助於去除水垢、鐵鏽和油漆,以及去毛刺和拋光應用。打結杯刷,根據其結構,可用於輕工業或重工業操作。它們對於清除裂縫和裂縫中的污垢和碎屑特別有效。

  • Steel twist knot cup for aggressive brushing is long-lasting
  • Knotted structure of these brushes allows for high-impact brushing, resulting in quicker removal rates on harder tasks.  
  • Easy To Screw Directly Onto Your Angle Grinder
  • Great For Derusting, Paint Stripping, Deburring And Descaling
  • Strip Well, Clean Rust And Bump From Abrasive Blasting With Ease.
  • 用於強力刷牙的鋼製扭結杯經久耐用
  • 這些刷子的打結結構允許進行高強度刷牙,從而在更困難的任務中實現更快的去除率。
  • 易於直接擰到角磨機上
  • 非常適合除鏽、脫漆、去毛刺和除垢
  • 剝離井,輕鬆清除噴砂過程中的鏽跡和凹凸。


Arbor HoleM10 x 1.5mm
Wire size0.5mm
Max RPM 12500
MaterialHard Drawn Steel Wire


  • 1 x 3" M10x1.5mm Twisted Knot Steel Wire Cup Brush
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