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3" M10x1.5mm Steel & Stainless Steel Coated Wire Cup Brush

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Suitable for light to medium duty cleaning work on small to medium metal surfaces, such as removing coatings, removing rust.Most suitable for angle grinders 4" to 5". The brass coating helps to minimize corrosion and prevent the steel bristles from rusting after multiple uses. Suit most type of drill m10 x 1.5mm size shank hex quick change shanks are use in all types of drills and die grinders  

适用于中小型金属表面的轻型至中型清洁工作,例如去除涂层、除锈。最适用于 4" 至 5" 角磨机。黄铜涂层有助于最大程度地减少腐蚀并防止钢刷毛在多次使用后生锈。适合大多数类型的钻头 m10 x 1.5mm 尺寸的刀柄六角快换刀柄用于所有类型的钻头和模具磨床.

  • Crimp Wire Cup Brush For Removing Porch Paint From Concrete
  • Easy To Screw Directly Onto Your Angle Grinder
  • Great For Derusting, Paint Stripping, Deburring And Descaling
  • The Coarse Steel Wire Is Perfect For Heavy Material Removal
  • Excellent Quality And Performance As A Great Wire Wheel
  • Strip Well, Clean Rust And Bump From Abrasive Blasting With Ease.
  • 用于去除混凝土门廊油漆的卷边钢丝杯刷
  • 易于直接拧到角磨机上
  • 非常适合除锈、脱漆、去毛刺和除垢
  • 粗钢丝非常适合去除重物
  • 卓越的质量和性能作为一个伟大的线轮
  • 剥离井,轻松清除喷砂过程中的锈迹和凹凸。


Arbor HoleM10 x 1.5mm
Wire size0.3mm
Max RPM 12500
MaterialBrass Coated Steel Wire/ Stainless steel
TypeFine Polish


  • 1 x 3" M10x1.5mm Wire Cup Brush
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