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12" 5M Flexible Soft Vinyl Woven Polyster Dust Hose

RM 155.00
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Made of abrasion-resistant, soft vinyl woven polyester with a toughened ring that can be easily attached to the side of a portable blower. Can be connected to multiple hoses of the same specification to extend the length. The duct is easy to expand and contract when not in use, and easy to store. 


  • All hoses ends have a belted cuffed end for easy installation.
  • Adopt wear-resistant, soft vinyl woven polyester, with carbon wire spring and tape, and the inner wall is smooth. 
  • The design has super elasticity and flame retardancy.
  • The thick steel wire rope can be adjusted to suit the diameter of the air duct to ensure a good sealing environment and a higher efficiency of the wok
  • Widely used in many fields and projects. Industrial uses of air ducts, such as factories, construction sites, basements, farms, chemicals.
  • 所有软管末端都带有带箍的末端,便于安装。
  • 采用耐磨、柔软的乙烯基编织聚酯,带有碳丝弹簧和胶带,内壁光滑。
  • 该设计具有超强的弹性和阻燃性。
  • 粗钢丝绳可根据风管直径进行调节,保证良好的密封环境,提高炒锅效率
  • 广泛应用于许多领域和项目。风管的工业用途,如工厂、建筑工地、地下室、农场、化学品。



Vinyl woven polyester


12 inch


5 meter


0-140 C


4.2 kg


340 x 340 x 180 mm


  • 1 x Blower Dust Hose 12"
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