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Portable Sirim Approved CO2 Fire Extinguisher 2KG

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2kg carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is very suitable for installation in server rooms and high-pressure areas. It is light in weight and easy to move. It is usually used with foam or water fire extinguishers.. Suitable for Class B flammable liquid fires (gasoline, oil, solvent), it is recommended to use on live electrical equipment. Fire extinguishers are an important part of the fire safety of your home and workplace,  help to protect your life and property.  It suitable for fire protection in the home (including garage), cars, boats and caravans. Also available in 5kg versions.

2kg二氧化碳灭火器非常适合安装在服务器机房和高压区。它重量轻,移动方便。它通常与泡沫或水灭火器一起使用。 适用于 B 类易燃液体火灾(汽油、油、溶剂),建议用于带电电气设备。灭火器是您家庭和工作场所消防安全的重要组成部分,有助于保护您的生命和财产。适用于家庭(包括车库)、汽车、船只和大篷车的防火。也可提供 5 公斤版本。

  • SIRIM Approved.
  • Suitable for class B & electrical fire
  • Pre-checked and weighed and ready for mounting
  • Tough alloy steel cylinder
  • Stored pressure for enhanced reliability and efficiency
  • Pressure gauge for visual inspection
  • Safety pin to prevent inadvertent discharge
  • SIRIM 批准。
  • 适用于B级和电气火灾
  • 预先检查和称重并准备安装
  • 坚韧合金钢气缸
  • 储存压力以提高可靠性和效率
  • 用于目视检查的压力表
  • 防止意外放电的安全别针




Fire extinguisher type

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Fire Class

B+ Electrical


2 kg

Body Material


Wall Mountable

Metal L Wall Bracket

Body Diameter

114 mm

Discharge Assembly

Swivel Horn Assembly

Approx Discharge Time

12 Sec

Approx Discharge Range


Working Temperature

-20C to +60C

Approx Full Weight 

7.6 kg

Overall Height


Working Pressure

56 Bar/ 812PSI


  • 1 x 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher (W/O Cert)
  • 1 x Wall bracket
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