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AUWELD 12/24V MAX 200AH Portable Battery Charger A-20

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Single-phase, portable battery charger for charging lead-acid batteries 12/24 V voltage. With overload and polarity reversal protection, when the battery is low, over-current protection can protect the machine damaged by high current. Equipped with ammeter, have a very simple and reliable circuit, reduces the malfunction of the machine.

单相便携式电池充电器,用于为 12/24 V 电压的铅酸电池充电。具有过载和反极性保护,当电池电量不足时,过流保护可以保护机器被大电流损坏。配备电流表,具有非常简单可靠的电路,减少了机器的故障。

  • Quickly charge the battery and also protect the battery from overcharging.
  • Charge lead acid batteries in small cars and trucks.
  • Min 30Ah to Max 200Ah
  • Fast and slow charge switch
  • Warranty : 3 Month, T&C Apply.
  • 快速为电池充电,同时保护电池免于过度充电。
  • 为小型汽车和卡车的铅酸电池充电。
  • 最小 30Ah 到最大 200Ah
  • 快慢充电切换
  • 保修期:3 个月,T&C 适用。


Input power voltage

Single phase 220V

Rated current


Charging Voltage



7.1 kg


290 x 225 x 220mm


  • 1 x A-20 Battery Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
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